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Join A Regional Representative To Get Up To 15% Reference Commission!
Dear investors!
Welcome to CrowdMining online investment platform.
We have added a new structured membership plan that provides customers with other options to make money and profit from our company.
In the recommendation section of our account, you can find your affiliate link and share it with others.
After others register using your affiliate link, they will automatically become your referrer.

From now on, you can get a referral 4% commission from the referrer's deposit. Represents earning 7% of the recommended income,
up to 15% multi-level ref commission.

If you want to be a representative, you must contact us through support and report our country of residence in your area, name,
username, email and promotional experience. Additional contact information such as social media links (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
our team will update your account after approval.
best regards.
CrowdMining Team
Feb-17-2021 04:00:59 PM
Dear investors and guests,
Welcome to crowdmining investment platform.
Up to now, we have more than 80,000 active users, with a total investment of more than $2.8 billion and a total withdrawal of more than $1.4 billion million.
It's an amazing number and the potential for our company to grow up is huge. We hope to help those low-income people increase their funds through
our investment platform to improve their living standards.
Next, we will continue to enhance the visibility
of the website and strengthen its security optimization to protect the privacy of customer data so that more investors can join our investment platform.
Best regards, Team
Feb-11-2021 05:30:03 PM
New Thai language version has been added to the investment platform!
Dear investors! gives investors the opportunity to make money online through the Internet. Today,
in many countries around the world, thousands of new investors are becoming our partners.
At this rate of development, the task of company accessibility and information volume has become particularly important.
We put a lot of effort every day to make Crowd Mining Limited better serve investors in different regions,
and now we are happy to announce that the platform is now available in Thai language.
The new language will be used with our Thai partner.
Don't miss, start joining us now and get a stable opportunity to make money!
Best regards, Team
Jan-25-2021 04:59:59 PM
Dear investors and guests,
CrowdMining Limited has successfully opened online for 580 days.
The new year of 2021 has begun. Our company will carry out some new policy updates on the basis of following the original plan,
so that our customers can get more protection of their rights and interests.
Although some investors remain skeptical about our company and other uncertainties,
CrowdMining Limited continues to strengthen its influence and position.
Our flexible planning strategies allow us to take advantage of the current global crisis and unpredictable economic changes.
We attribute our growth and success to our focus on providing friendly, flexible and stable investment services.

As of now, we have more than 74,000 active users, with a total investment of more than $1.26 billion and a total withdrawal of more than $870 million.

We thank our outstanding customers for their continued support, and our team will work harder to create greater brilliance with excellent business!
For our current partners, thank you very much for your trust in our work. For investors who are still skeptical, please join us now to get a stable income!
Best regards, Team
Jan-11-2021 04:46:35 PM
New Vietnamese version has been added to the investment platform!
Dear investors!
As you can see, we are constantly optimizing the platform and adding new features and designs!
Today, we are happy to inform you that it is now fully translated into Vietnamese. The new language will apply to our Vietnamese investors.
We welcome a large number of new users from all over the world to join our investment platform.
And we will work hard to make our system as convenient as possible for everyone to use their native language.
Best regards, Team
Jan-7-2021 04:55:42 PM
Get Up To 15% Christmas & New Year Holiday Huge Deposit Bonus!
Dear investors and guests,
We are very happy to celebrate the arrival of Christmas and New Year!
2020 is an eventful and interesting year. Bitcoin frantically rose from its lowest value of $3,800 at the beginning of the year to over $20,000 at present.
This is also a new high since its birth in 2009. Asset Dash data display, the market value of Bitcoin has now reached $445.442 billion.
And the market's upward trend remains strong.
Crowd has been engaged in the crypto market industry. According to the latest financial report data, the total profit in December
has increased by more than 350% compared to November. Now we has decided to bring lucrative promotions for all investors,
so that users of the Crowd Mining platform can get part of the company's profits and increase their income through huge bonuses.

At the opening of each deposit, you will receive to the amount of your deposit bonus:

If you deposit $10~$499 = Bonus 3% Active Deposit

If you deposit $500~$999 = Bonus 5% Active Deposit

If you deposit $1000-$2999 = Bonus 7% Active Deposit

If you deposit $3000-$9999 = Bonus 10% Active Deposit

If you deposit $10000-$49999 = Bonus 12% Active Deposit

If you deposit $50000-$100000 = Bonus 15% Active Deposit

The promotion start from 0:00 December 23, GMT/ End time is 23:59 GMT January 5, 2021

Finally, we wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, and hope this holiday will bring you joy and happiness in your life!
May this Christmas and New Year be so special that you earn more than ever before!
Best regards, Team
Dec-22-2020 04:29:15 PM
PAYEER Automatic Deposit Problem!
Dear investors!
Due to certain changes in Payeer services, automatic deposits through Payeer are temporarily not available.
Now our relevant departments are communicating with the service provider. After the restoration,
we will immediately open the Payeer deposit function. Payeer withdrawals are not affected, and users can withdraw funds in their accounts at any time.
Thank you for your understanding and waiting!
Best regards, Team
Dec-22-2020 06:45:33 AM
Dear investors and guests,
Our company has been successfully opened online for 550 days. good results have been achieved this month.
As of now we have more than 70,000 active users, a total of more than $870,000,000 in investment, and more than $560,000,000 in profits.
In these days, many of our members have earned more than 5000% of return on investment. More than that,
we are expanding our investor range every day and hope that our members can get more passive income.
We ensure that participation in our projects for investors is as attractive, profitable and comfortable as possible.
With, you will reach perfection! Crowd Mining Limited-investment. profit. Safety.
Best regards, Team
Dec-11-2020 01:24:28 PM
New Russian version has been added to the platform!
Dear Crowd Mining platform user.
In response to the call of investors from different countries, we have now opened the Russian version of the language to our platform.
The new language version will be applicable to our Russian customers and will enable you to easily
and conveniently operate and understand the detailed information on the website.
Next, we will continue to update more language versions to serve investors from different countries.
Thank you for your long-term trust in our platform!
Best regards, Team
Nov-27-2020 03:53:48 PM was successfully online for 520 days!
Dear investors and guests,
We are happy to inform you that our online investment service has been working for 520 days.
During this period, we have more than 68,000 active users, a total of more than 640,000,000 investments and total of more than 210,000,000 withdrawals.
we confidently assure all our customers that our work has just begun, and we also thank all investors around the world for their strong support.
We promise to provide higher returns to all our customers.
If you have not invested yet, you want to get a stable monthly investment return?

Please use this link:

You encounter any problems while browsing the website or investing, Please free to contact us via live chat or support, we will reply as soon as possible.
Our company will release the latest news every month.
Best regards,
CrowdMining Team
Nov-11-2020 04:34:33 PM
Halloween Promotion Get Up To 10 Deposit Bonus!
Dear investors!
We are very happy to celebrate the arrival of Halloween, and now the
company has decided to bring unique holiday gifts to all investors...
Deposit Bonus For all the members.(Valid 3 days)

If you deposit $10~$499 so you will get 3% Deposit Bonus Instantly
If you deposit $500~$999 so you will get 5% Deposit Bonus Instantly
If you deposit $1000~$2999 so you will get 7% Deposit Bonus Instantly
If you deposit $3000~$10000 so you will get 10% Deposit Bonus InstantlyInstantly

(The promotion is valid until 12:00, November 3, GMT)
Don't miss the opportunity to receive our Halloween gifts to increase your income!
Happy Halloween everyone! Team
Oct-31-2020 03:31:31 PM
Always know our news, changes and improvements!
Dear Users,
We proudly showcase a crowd mining platform, our company was created to expand our company's influence
in the crypto mining market and allow anybody from any corner of the world to participate in our investment project.
Right now,you can visit our plan to read about the full list of investment services,as well as to make your first deposit.
We appreciate your trust and aim all our efforts at creating comfortable working conditions for each user.
Our many years’ experience and impeccable strategy let our partners be entirely confident
about the correctness of their actions when using their current investment opportunities.

Best regards,
CrowdMining Team
Oct-28-2020 04:53:25 PM
Crowd Mining Limited successfully launched!
Dear Investors !
We are happy to announce that as part of our marketing strategy, Crowd Mining Limited is planning to expand its activities to investors
around the world today.
The original idea was to provide services in mining and construct a mining farm in London.
Since its establishment, we have made great progress.
We have prepared a variety of different planning cycles, hoping to meet your expectations,
you will get a good profit, where you can earn more than 1.2% of the profit every day.

You faithful,
CrowdMining Team
Sep-30-2020 08:00:11 AM